One home, one family, one touch. Take total control of everything in your house from one single app.

Total Control

WiFi. Lights, blinds and air-condition controls. Security integration. Audio and video distribution. All from the touch of a button, anywhere you are, anytime.


Today, wireless connectivity is just as important as electricity or water. This is why we use enterprise-grade equipment to ensure WiFi connectivity, all the time.

Ease Of Use

Date night is just one button away. The curtains are drawn, lights provide the right atmosphere, the air-con feels right, your favorite music comes on. The only thing left is your date.

Looking Good

Centralize all your sources - cable TV, Kaleidescape, Spotify, radio, Apple TV - in one place and enjoy it from anywhere in your home. Get rid of that clutter below your TV.

It Just Works

Leaving already? Turn off the entire house - lights, audio, video, AC and more from just one button. Assume total control of your home.

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